My saved searches

Included here are all the searches you’ve saved from your history or hitlist.

The names and creation dates of each search are indicated, as is the name of the collection searched (FamPat, Fullpat, or Fulltext).  You can sort the Name, Collection and Date created columns in alphabetical order and by increasing or decreasing order, respectively, by clicking on the headers of the table's columns.

The Action column provides three options:

      Execute: Displays the strategy as a script. You can view the saved search strategy and select the limitations by updates (most recent and last 4 updates). Click Execute to start the search.

      Edit: Displays the strategy as a script. Here you can make changes to the search strategy. You may also limit by updates (as before). Click Save to save only the changes. Click Save & Execute to save the changes and start the search.

      Delete: Deletes the saved search

Create a script

You can also create a search script from this page. The script is written in expert mode. The script allows multiple linked or independent queries.

This newly created and saved search will be included in the list of saved searches.