Previous History

Previous History 

Your searches are saved for one year from the execution date.

The Date column indicates the search date YYYY-MM-DD and time HH:MM:SS

The Subaccount column displays the subaccount name.

The Results column indicates the number of records retrieved for the query presented in the Search column. Right-clicking on the query in the Search column allows you to copy/paste from it into a Word document, for example.

The Collection column indicates the name of the collection used for search (FamPat, Fullpat or Fulltext). A tooltip displays sources selected in the FamPat or Fulltext collection.

The Search query column indicates the search criteria. By right clicking on the search statement, you can copy and paste it in a word document, for example.

In the Action column, you can:

      Run:  The number of records retrieved may be different given the weekly update to the collections. This is because you aren’t seeing the results as they were the day before, but you are running the search again. The linked queries cannot be run again: the search will only take into account elements of earlier queries; instead, it will search the query numbers as keywords.

      Remove from list: the search can be suppressed. The following message is displayed: “Are you sure you want to remove this search from the list? It will be not possible to undo this operation. Yes/No”.

      Create a script: you may create a script from your search statement; collection and sources are conserved. 

The columns may be sorted in ascending or descending order.

You may export your previous history in csv format by clicking on Export button.


You may filter by:

      Dates: You can choose from:
No restriction
Since last week
Since last month (default)
Since last year
Choose period

The list of subaccounts is displayed.
Click on the subaccount to select.  The background for the selection changes to blue.
By default, no subaccount is selected.

The Apply filters button activates the previously set filters and shows a history relating to the dates and subaccounts selected.

Click on Clear to return to the default values.